Ilona rag rug

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Ilona is a traditional rag rug for both home and cottage.

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Ilona rag rug

Ilona is a traditional rag rug for both home and cottage. A cheerfully multicoloured cotton rug is woven from leftover material from the textile industry. The carpet is double-sided. Ilona carpet is an excellent all-purpose carpet for every home.

Regular vacuuming, ventilation and, if necessary, washing with water. Do not shake the carpet. Damp mop after washing. Dry in a flat place out of the sun.

  • Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Carpet thickness: 6 mm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg/m²

What is a rag rug?

A rag rug is a traditional Finnish rug, often handmade from recycled materials. The rag rug is characterised by bright colours and stripes. It is also an ecological carpet and durable to use. Making a rag rug is often a laborious and slow process, but the end result is always a unique rug for the weaver.

Is the Ilona rag mat machine washable?

Small rag rugs can usually be washed well at home in a washing machine, but the spin speed should be lower than normal to avoid “stretching” the rug and damaging it. Of course, it’s always better for the carpet if you have time to dry it in the flat. If the carpet is larger, flat-water washing is recommended for carpets with a rag rug.

The best weather for drying a rag rug is a slightly windy day in early summer. Do not dry your carpet in the sun for long periods of time, as the sun can fade the colours of the carpet. Hang the colourful rag rug to dry so that the water runs in the direction of the weave. Inside the home, a good place to dry a rag rug is in a utility room or bathroom, for example, so that the air can circulate well in the room.

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