Ilo-Riemu cotton carpet

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Ilo-Riemu cotton carpet

The Ilo-Reimu cotton rug is a traditional, snap-together rag rug for any room in the home. A colourful cotton rug will add freshness to your interior, while a black and white rug will give your home a timeless modern look. Ilo cotton carpet is available in several sizes. The carpet must be kept on both sides.

The carpet is also available in your own size from the carpet roll. For a custom-made carpet, we will make the knots at both ends.
Regular vacuuming and ventilation, water washing if necessary. The colour of the carpets may vary depending on the import batch.

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Carpet thickness: 8-10 mm
  • Weight: 2,4 kg/m2

What is a rag rug?

Tattered carpet
or rag rug is a traditional Finnish rug, often handmade from recycled materials.
. The rag rug is characterised by bright colours and stripes. It is also an ecological carpet and durable to use. Making a rag rug is often a laborious and slow process, but the end result is always a unique rug for the weaver. The Ilo rug is a great choice as a rag rug for both home and cottage.

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